About Max

MAX and their coaches have over 30 years experience at the NCAA collegiate level (D1). They understand what level of physical preparedness it takes to excel at any sport. Ted’s staff  has degrees ranging from BS’s in Exercise Science to Masters in Kiniesiology. They have memberships and certifications from many organizations including the National Strength Coaches Association, the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, and USA Weightlifting Association. Ted and his staff have successfully designed and implemented programs for D1 mens and womens collegiate sports including (football, basketball, baseball, tennis, wrestling, softball, swimming, volleyball, golf, track and field….among others). There are no “cookie cutter” one size fits all programs. Each program is written with that athletes particular sport, skill level, age, and maturity level in mind. It’s as customized as you can receive anywhere.


Training Regimen

  • Athlete’s programs will be designed around the needs of the individual’s sport and yearly competition season.

Injury Prevention

  • In order to showcase an athletes true potential, he or she must be on the field to do so.


  • Injuries while training is one of the top concerns at Max Athletic Training.  Training is for making an athlete better, not hindering performance.

Power & Speed Development

  • It is great to be strong, but it is better to be strong and explosive.  This will increase acceleration, jumping ability, agility,  and game changing moments in any game.

Flexibility & Mobility

  • Without being able to move at an athlete’s full potential will only reduce performance.  Pliable muscles and mobile joints will not only help performance on the field, but will help prolong any athletes career.

Strength Training

  • Strength training is the foundation to success.   It is the bedrock in creating an elite athlete.  However, it is only one piece to the puzzle but a very important piece.  The strength training at Max is programmed specifically to the athletes needs of the respective sport.

Nutrition & Recovery

  • Training is done to stimulate the body to grow.  The body grows at rest and will only grow maximally if fueled properly.We instill proper recovery and nutrition needs for athletes to learn.  Once these needs are valued by each athlete, he or she will be able to maximize not only their performance, but the longevity of their career.