Group Training

Strength and Conditioning

A 5-level Program for Junior High age and above. Designed to maximize (power) output in the movements involved in each athlete’s individual sport.

Team Training

Designed for a team or group of athletes/individuals looking for specific results This training can assist coaches in maximizing team performance and saving a coach’s time in the team strength and conditioning programs. This gives coaches more time to focus on strategies and tactics for their teams.

Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

FMS is for athletes, teams, everyone. It is designed to help correct muscle and joint imbalances that can help prolong careers and reduce injuries.

Speed and Jump Training

Technique and proper mechanics (RFP) all taught, developed and mastered for Junior high level and above. This training is for everyone who wants to run raster and jump higher. It’s not rocket science, but it is science and technique taught by knowledgeable professionals.

College Scholarship Assistance

Through our network of college coaching colleagues, we may be able to assist you and your high school athletes with potential scholarship opportunities

Feel Good

A half-hour class of strictly deep-tissue techniques and stretching for all ages. Feel Good is designed to help teach you how to increase mobility and flexibility

Youth Class

Youth Class is for 8-12 years old and is dedicated to developing individuals in general motor patterns and learning to use their body in space while encouraging physical activity and exercise.

Adult Fitness Classes

This is an hour-long fitness class for 18 and older individuals that promotes improved health through safe but goal-oriented exercise. Adults will enjoy an inspiring class that makes exercise interesting and empowering.