On-Site Training

On-site training provides MAX highly specialized programs that are conducted at your school, business or training facility. Our professional coaches and trainers will make your training program more effective and convenient. A few details are provided below but please call to get the information you need. COACHES — work on your game plan while we help develop your kids. Contact MAX founder Ted Rendinell 330-372-1136.

Team Training

Designed for junior high or high school as well as AAU Teams of all sports. Customized by sport, number of participants, goals and more. Call 330-272-1136 for more information.

Business Feel-Good

MAX will send a professional coach to your business or organization to help your staff get in shape or just become more focused and effective. MAX can work with your HR department to develop a preventive health or wellness program.

Functional Movement Screening

FMS is for athletes, teams, everyone. It is designed to help correct muscle and joint imbalances that can help prolong careers and reduce injuries